STOP THE WEYMOUTH COMPRESSOR:  Construction by out-of-state workers is continuing on the Weymouth Compressor during the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.  This further endangers residents of the Fore River Basin who are already overburdened by industrial pollution.  Take action here.

Voting Options During COVID-19 Crisis: 


Make phone calls:  Learn about local phone banking or make calls from home

  • Find your state legislator   here

  • Call Governor Baker   617-725-4005


Together for 2020:  Together for 2020's activist leaders from across the Commonwealth are ready to help you take effective action. With your help, we'll make it easier for you to support great candidates, we'll make it easier for people to vote, and we'll help usher in a resounding victory for democracy in November.  Join and find out what you can do to help at

BRAINTREE DEMS ENDORSE the Massachusetts Black and Latino Caucus's Ten Point Plan to Address Police Violence and Advance Racial Justice. 

Legislation to Follow in 2020
Massachusetts Black and Latino Caucus Ten Point Plan:  Bills filed
  • H.2146 POST Peace Officer Standards and Training
  • H.2292 Civil Service Exam Review and Oversight
  • H.1440 Commission on Structural Racism
Voting Rights/Elections:
  • S.385/H.685 Voting Rights - Election Day Registration

  • S.2163/H.3208 "We the People Act" A constitutional amendment is necessary to clarify that corporations are not people and to limit political contributions.

  • S.414 /H719 Ranked Choice Voting (2020 Ballot Question 2)


  • H.4912  An Act Creating a 2050 Roadmap to a Clean and Thriving Commonwealth

  • S.2394/H.4921 An Act Promoting Awareness of Sewage Pollution in Public Waters

  • S.2500 An Act Setting Next-Generation Climate Policy


Fair Share Amendment:
  • S.16/H.86 Fair Share Amendment:  A legislative amendment to direct funds to education and transportation has been introduced by Senator Jason Lewis and Representative Jim O'Day to put the Fair Share Amendment back on the ballot. 
Gun Safety: 

  • S.2365 The Student Opportunity Act: (Adopted). H.4237 Will implement the recommendations of the 2015 Foundation Budget Commission, infusing $1.5 billion over a period of seven years. 
    • The main focus of the bill is to provide districts with high percentages of low income students and English language learners with more funding and state resources.​

    • The bill would also adjust the funding formula to make room for other new investments in the education system. If passed, the state would update how it considers health care costs for employees and retirees to ensure allocations are more accurate. The measure would increase special education funding, and the foundation rates for guidance and psychological services. And the Massachusetts School Building Authority would also see a budget increase of $150 million to allow for more school building and construction projects.

    • The act would create new state policies, including requiring districts to publicly post their plans for closing opportunity gaps. It also includes a directive to establish a special commission to further study the unique needs of rural districts facing declining enrollment.   (WBUR, September 19, 2019)

  • S.741/H.1214 The Cherish Act:  Will implement the 2014 Higher Education Finance Commission recommendations by returning to FY2001 funding levels, restoring annual funding for all 29 public community colleges, state universities and UMass campuses.  Freeze tuition and fees for five years. 
  • S.288/H.470 Early Education and Care  Fund universal access to affordable, high quality services where teachers are appropriately compensated.

ACLU 2019 Priority Legislation:

  • Technology and Civil Liberties:  A moratorium on governmental use of biometric surveillance technologies.

  • Treatment not Imprisonment:  Addiction is a public health crisis and the response should be geared toward treatment rather than punitive measures.

  • Smart Justice:  Greater criminal justice transparency to inform future policy making in Massachusetts

  • Reproductive Freedom:  safeguard rights here in Massachusetts

  • Voting Rights:  Election Day Registration

  • Immigrants' Rights:  Ensure immigrants' rights to due process and access to justice are not denied in Massachusetts

Tracking a bill's progress:

  • Go to the Massachusetts' Legislature Website -

    • Each bill has its own webpage

      • A list of Sponsors and Co-Sponsors​

      • The text of the bill

      • Where the bill has progressed to in the process

    • How to follow bill's progress

      • Create a MA Legislature Account​

      • "Star" bills that you are interested in

      • You will receive notifications when the status of a bill changes

  • Advocacy

    • Call or E-mail​ your Senator/Representative or those on appropriate committee​

    • Testimony:  Committees hold public hearings where testimony can be submitted​

Shared from South Shore Action

January 9, 2020

Medicare for All Presentation

Dr. Katie McBrine

Rebecca Wood and daughter Charlie

Kathy Tuffy

Senator Jamie Eldridge

Sandy Eaton


No Compressor Station

Follow the news and events from Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station. Building a Compressor Station in Weymouth threatened the health and safety of residents of all surrounding towns.  

Massachusetts Democratic Party

Massachusetts Democrats believe in and work for the common good. We know that the strength of our democracy is dependent on the engagement of thoughtful citizens. That is why our party is organized around the basic notion that individuals working together can make a positive impact on their community. Massachusetts Democrats believe that government plays a vital role in the lives of individuals and communities. We recognize that investment in these priorities benefits sustainable economic growth and family-sustaining jobs.

ACLU of Massachusetts

For nearly 100 years, the American Civil Liberties Union has worked daily in the courts, in the legislature, and in communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, Bill Rights and laws of the United States.

The ACLU of Massachusetts—a private, nonpartisan organization with more than 72,000 supporters across the Commonwealth and over 100,000 online activists—is a state affiliate of the national ACLU. We defend the principles enshrined in the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights as well as the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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